11 Easy Steps How to Open an Equity Fund and Mutual Fund Account

To open a stock market and mutual fund account, you will need a broker and mentor who will guide you in your investment journey. There are many brokers in the Philippines. However, COL Financial is one of the leading online stock broker companies in the country which makes investing more accessible for any OFWs through its user-friendly online trading platform.

If you need a mentor, TrulyRichClub (TRC) can help you in your financial journey. TRC is founded by a missionary and preacher Bro. Bo Sanchez which provides members with the right tools, principles, and strategies to financial literacy.

How to Open an Account with COL Financial

  1. You can visit www.colfinancial.com to learn more about the company. You may download, print, and sign the account opening forms here Customer Account Information Form.
  1. Fill-out these three  forms:
    1. Customer Account Information Form (CAIF)
    2. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) – If questions are not applicable to you, just tick the NO boxes and then sign on the form.
    3. The Online Securities Trading Agreement (OSTA) – Customer’s copy, you may keep it.
  1. There are three account types: COL Starter, COL Plus, and COL Premium. If you are a beginner, with basic knowledge of investing, COL Starter is the right account for you.
  1. Additional required documents or valid government issued ID (passport, SSS, TIN, PRC license, etc.). Please note Tax Identification Number(TIN) is required. To verify existing TIN number, you may call the BIR Hotline (02) 981-8888. To apply for a TIN number, TIN Application Procedure.
  1. Once done filling-up the forms and signing it, you may scan and email the originally signed forms and copy of your requirements to Ms. Mabel Roque-Olson, email it to maribel.roque@colfinancial.com carbon copy to helpdesk@colfinacial.com for pre-approval. Always double check your spam or junk folder if ever you have not received an email from COL Financial.
  1. Once you received an email notice regarding the approval of your documents, you may send your originally signed forms and copy of clear requirements via courier to:

2403B East Tower, PSE Centre,
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City 1605, Philippines

  1. COL Financial will then give you an account number once your application is approved. Please note that applications submitted and not funded within 3-months will require one to re-apply with new forms and IDs.

8. Payments can be made online or over-the-counter to any of their accounts with BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Chinabank and AUB. For remittances, applicant may opt to pay         with any overseas remittance agencies using COL Financial BDO account.

How to Join the  TrulyRichClub

For you to be properly guided in buying and selling of stocks and mutual fund, make sure that you will have a great mentor like the TrulyRichClub.

  1. To join the TrulyRichClub, click this link  Be a TrulyRichClub Member.

10. Click Philippine Residents or International Residents and follow instructions. Select membership type from TrulyRichClub.

11. Complete registration and choose to pay either in credit card or cash.Once your membership is approved, TRC will give you updates about stock market and mutual fund investing.

The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty. Proverbs 21:5, NIV


Richly blessed,

P.S. 1 Any form of investment involves substantial risks. Therefore, be cautious and educate yourself  prior to investing or making any financial decision. 

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