Dialogue with One of the Youngest Unit Manager of Philam Life

RBT: To our blog readers out there, I would like to introduce Mr. Roy Alexies Maldia Ventura, 26 year-old Unit Manager (Premier Leader) of Philam Life Insurance Company in the whole Southern Luzon. Thank you for your time.

Roy: My pleasure.

RBT: Please tell us about yourself including your family and work experience?

Roy: Hi. I am Roy Alexis Maldia Ventura. I am originally from Calauan Laguna and I’m the unico jiho in a family of seven. I’m an engineer by profession but I didn’t practice for a long time because I’m not a big fan of being an employee. I worked 12 hours a day for 6 days or sometimes 7 days a week as a manufacturing technician in an electronic company. Yes, you heard it right. I’m working in one whole week, without a rest day. Then I was transferred to another manufacturing company as a line engineer where I was given an opportunity to hone my communication skills. Why? Working as a line engineer has allowed me to meet more people and talked with them.

RBT: Please tell us how you became a financial advisor  (FA) and how  does it look like being a financial advisor?

 Roy: I am a Philam Life policyholder  when my friend approached me if I am interested to be a financial advisor. He said I can earn  an extra income and  help people by teaching basic personal finance. I am part-time FA for 6-8 months while working as a line engineer in a manufacturing company in Batangas. Having said that, I developed my passion of teaching people about the importance of saving, managing finances, health insurance, the power of compounding interest via investment, and setting financial goals in life. Being an FA is indeed a rewarding career especially when I see clients becoming financially educated.

Afterwards, I took the initiative to attend training, seminars, read books and resources about finances, and find coaches and mentor to guide me. As part time FA, I was able to buy a brand new car, acquired six digit figure in different paper investment, set aside an ideal amount for emergency fund and tithe fund. At age 26,  I am the youngest Unit Manager (Premier Leader Development) in Southern Luzon sector.

RBT: Now that you are a Unit Manager, what does it take to be a leader?

Roy: As leader, you must have passion to help and train your team of financial advisor who are also willing to help the clients in financial planning. I also keep creating  a training materials and other related resources for my team so that they will be able to equip with skills and knowledge .

RBT: What fulfillment or satisfaction you have gained in working in the insurance industry?

Roy: Actually, it’s hard to explain but the opportunity of helping others and they trusted you in return gives me joy and satisfaction. Making a difference in other people’s lives gives me joy. I love it and I always feel blessed. That’s why I always remind other FAs to be a blessing to clients so that they will be blessed as well. My philosophy in life is pretty much geared towards helping Filipino families how to build a solid financial foundation. I believe discipline and action are the two important keys to achieve your dreams in life.

RBT: Why do you think many Filipinos are not financially literate?

Roy: I always explain during my seminar why many Filipinos are poor. There are many reasons actually, but there are  two major reasons. The first one is that they don’t want to become rich! Yes, you heard it right.  Some of my clients are afraid of becoming rich which are evident during financial health check. There are many reasons why. Nagiging masamang tao daw, delikado baka maging mitsa ng buhay,  they don’t know how to manage it,  and so on and so forth. Secondly, even if they want to be financially stable or rich, they just don’t know how to do it.

RBT: What motivates you and what keeps you excited to wake up every morning?

Roy: Well, definitely my God! I believed he has a reason why He put me into this career. Secondly, my family motivates me to work harder as I love to see them happy and prosperous. Lastly, my team motivates me to be excited and upbeat as I love to see them successful. Our common goal is to put up a foundation for kids and elders.

RBT: How do you usually spend your time?

Roy: I usually spend time managing Kasa Estoy, my  own restaurant https://www.facebook.com/KasaEstoy/. I also do blogging www.royventura.blogspot.com about the keys to be financially free.  I also love reading the Bible.

RBT: What were the biggest problems you encountered? What did you learn from them?

Roy:  Way back in my college days where my father had diagnosed of severe back problem. Some doctors said he can be disabled at anytime. Our world almost collapsed but God is great. We comforted each other and continue to pray for healing.

RBT: You are very young in the insurance industry yet you made significant contributions to your family and in the workplace.  What kind of future do you see 10 years down the road?

Roy:  I am looking forward to have my own financial firm under Philam life and develop highly professional group of financial advisors who will be recognized globally. In addition, I see myself as an advocate of financially literacy and looking forward to be the bestselling author (published book, “Walang Mahirap sa Taong may Pangarap”). I am also planning to expand my restaurant business in whole Calabarzon. More importantly, I see myself of having a foundation for elders and kids. Ten years from now, I will have my own wonderful family with my wife Vangie and we will be travelling around the world.

RBT: Any piece of advice for OFWs and RBT Community who are currently reading this blog?

Roy: Well, to RBT Community, I would like to encourage using your TIME wisely. Time so precious that it could be your best asset in investing. I also believed that discipline and action are the two important keys to financial freedom. For our OFWs out there, don’t forget to prepare for rainy season as we may not always be physically fit. Bro. Bo Sanchez once said, “We are the scriptwriter of our own lives, and God is our producer.” In Jeremiah 29: 11, God promise us to prosper and gives hope but we should do our part.

RBT: Thank you so much for sharing your experience. May God bless your future plans.

Roy: You’re very much welcome.