Don’t Be Deceived

“Bakit, ano gang nangyari?” (What was happened really)? We are in Thailand when my wife received a bad news from the Philippines.

My wife was screaming over the phone. It was almost eight in the morning and we are rushing for school.  I was indeed worrying.

“Mommy are you OK? Who are you talking with? I asked.

“May tumawag sa bahay sa Pinas. Nagpakilala ang caller na abogado at ambassador sa Thailand. Sabi nya nakapatay daw si Ivan (my brother-in-law who is currently working in Bangkok) tapos nakatakas din. Tapos ako naman daw ay nakakulong ngayon,” my wife narrated. (Someone called in the landline pretending to be a lawyer and an Ambassador from Thailand. He said Ivan accidentally killed someone and he managed to escape. Now I am in jail).

“Nanghihingi daw sila ng thirty-six thousand pesos para makalabas ako sa kulungan,” my wife continued. (The man over the phone was asking 36 thousand pesos for my bail.)

Apparently, someone called the phone and my sister-in-law was the one who pick it up. When she received the news she was totally devastated. She was instructed that she could speak with my wife. My sister-in-law is trembling and comforting my wife. Unfortunately, she couldn’t hear my wife talking as she is not allowed to talk back.

I guess this is part of their modus operandi so that they will know if their plan is effectively working or not.  When my sister in-law received the terrible news she doesn’t know how to tell with the family. They were all worried and crying as my wife is in jail and my brother in-law killed someone.

Then someone sent a message to my wife asking what had happened. The message said, “Ano gang nangyari kay Ivan!?” (What really happened to Ivan?)

Now, we are worried. My wife dialed the phone to call Ivan. Apparently, he  just woke up. He is actually staying on his apartment in Bangkok and had no idea of what is happening. My wife told him the incident.

  “Ivan, bilisan mo tumawag ka ngayon sa bahay at sabihin mo sa inay na OK tayo lahat dito!” as my wife instructed him. (Ivan, please do call immideately and inform Inay that were OK here!)

“Wala ako sa kulungan at lalong hindi ka nakapatay,” my wife said. ( I am not in jail and you didn’t kill anyone). When my wife spoke with them over the phone, they are about to transfer money.

They are Budol-budol Gang!

Apparently these are group of people who are looking for the opportunity to deceived people. When they convinced their victim and fell into their trap, they would ask for money.

If my wife did not open her mobile phone in the morning we wouldn’t know what was going on in the Philippines. This incident happened early in the morning and my wife usually did not open or read the message from her phone as we are all usually busy preparing to go to school. Thank you God! They did not transfer the money. I couldn’t imagine what if someone in the family get a heart attack after receiving devastating news? This is not a joke!

This is a learning experience to all of us. It taught us how God have protected us. With this incident I was reminded by Apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonian 2:3 “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.”

We have to be very careful indeed. Be safe.

May God bless you!

Richly blessed,


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