My Financial Journey with TrulyRichClub

My Financial Journey with Truly Rich Club

The Two Selfish Brothers 

Let me tell you a story.

There were two selfish brothers who were constantly arguing about money. One day, their father had a major illness. Knowing his life is numbered, he decided to speak with the siblings about a land they would inherit before he die.

The father presented the plan to them and evenly divided the three acres of land. As expected,  the two brothers wanted to have a bigger share than the other.

This cause so much distress and frustration to the father.

Hence, the father decided to call a wise man in the village to settle the dispute. After all, the wise man has a good reputation of settling previous conflicts.

When a wise man came, he reminded the two brothers to abide in whatever solution he would offer.  So, they made a deal and agreed in front of their father and the wise man.

land“Because you are the first-born son, I am giving you the right to divide the land,” the wise man told the elder brother. He was so happy and thought of probably getting two acres of land while leaving a small share to his brother.

However, he stopped celebrating when the wise man turned to a youngest son and speak.

“Don’t be upset. Since you are the youngest son, I am giving you an option to choose first of the land that your brother will divide,” said the wise man.

Then there was moment of silence. Worried that his brother will choose two acres of land, the elder brother has no other options but to divide the land equally.

Money is Not the Most Important Thing on Earth

It is a simple story yet here’s a profound reality.

Material possessions and money are not the most important things on earth. After all, many rich people are still unhappy and miserable.

It is your health, your family, your friends, and your relationship with God that have more significant value over those temporal things.This is what it means by truly rich.

It means living a balance life.

Needless to say, money is neither good nor bad. However, it is no doubt that the way you manage your personal finance can affect your marriage and relationship with others either in a positive or negative way. financial bondage

The word money is being mentioned in the Bible several times.


The writers of the Bible anticipated the problems you would have faced with money and possessions because it can affect many aspects of your life.

For instance, you may fell into fraudulent investment scheme and chronic debt problems because of lack of financial knowledge which eventually  affects your relationship with others.

But here’s the good news.

God brings hope even in an extreme financial situation.

The TrulyRichClub as My Mentor

My Maid Invest in the Stock MarketSince eighty-five percent of the investors are losing their money, I believe having mentor is important to give you sound advice on money management.

To gain wisdom about investment opportunities, I read Bro. Bo’s books such as 8 Secrets of Truly Rich and My Maid Invests in the Stock Market.

Interestingly, Bro. Bo’s maid invested a few years ago until she reached her first one million pesos as of July 2016. I must say that Bro Bo’s maid is enjoying financial freedom compared with many OFWs.

I was inspired.

I also watched a very informative video training course, Stock Market 101 created by Allan Ngo of TrulyRichClub Blog to learn more about mutual fund and stocks investing.

In addition, I sent messages to Arnold Vargas in Facebook, also a member of TrulyRichClub and a successful entrepreneur, just to asked him if it is worth to invest in mutual funds and stock market. I was inspired to read Arnold’s  success story (which I recommend you to read) about being a Bulakbol Millionaire and encouraged me to subscribe with TRC.

This is what he told me.

“Stock Market? Well, it has ups and down. But you can earn over a period of time. Kakampi mo compound interest.”

I must say I am grateful for having mentors like Allan and Arnold.

Last June 2015, I decided to subscribe at TRC and funded my account in COL Financial, a leading stock online broker in the Philippines. If you are an OFW, you don’t have to go back to the Philippines just to open an account because everything is done online.

The Benefits of Being a TRC Member

 1. Guidance in investing

TRC provides mentorship program about investing in mutual funds and stock market. As a subscriber, I receive guidance about what stocks to buy and when to buy and sell in less than 10 minutes.

Interestingly, I find it very helpful and convenient while others spend a lot of time with stock market analysis.

Some are even losing huge amount of money in trading.  But with TRC, you’ll feel safe and secured.  Through Strategic Averaging Method (SAM), I invests 5,000-10,000 pesos every month. After few months, I spoke with my wife and we both agreed to open an another account for our nine-year-old son for his college education.

2. Free insurance

Another benefit of subscribing with TRC is that they offer a life insurance. Many people undermine the value of insurance until they realized the consequences of their poor decisions in the past.

Insurance is important because it will protect your investment and also your dependents from unforeseen emergencies.  If a child, a spouse, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance.

3. Inspirational resources

TRC LogoOnce you become a member, you will receive newsletters and stocks update. You will also receive financial literacy seminars and PowerTalks, a spiritual video presentation for subscribers.

What I like most is a newsletter called Wealth Strategies.

Investing in stock market and mutual fund is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Since it is a long-term investing, its like planting seeds which requires more patient until harvest time.

4.  Connecting with people

Aside from affiliate marketing opportunity, TRC provides an opportunity to connect with people who have the same passion in investing and personal finance.  For instance, my financial journey with TRC has helped me to connect with other bloggers.

I must say that with God-given talent, some of my articles were published at GMA News, Global Filipino (exclusive Newsletter for TRC members), Maginvest Ka Pinoy,  KidsView Magazine, Pinoy Thaiyo, and OFWguru.

I also have an opportunity to share my personal experience through giving seminar or presentation to fellow OFWs.

There is no reason to stop learning with TRC if you want to go beyond wishful thinking. You just need to take action.

With God’s guidance, there is hope to achieve a balance life so your skills and resources can be a tremendous blessings to people around you . This is what it means by truly rich.

Indeed, my financial journey with TrulyRichClub is a great blessing!

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2, KJV


Richly blessed,


JUN AMPARO is the author of OMG! OFW’s Money is Gone: Practical Tips on How to Be Wise with Your Hard-earned Money which was featured at GMA News OnlineBeing an OFW for over a decade, he’s aware about the common financial challenges of many Overseas Filipino Workers.  

Jun is investing in mutual funds and stock market for over three- years and conducts financial literacy seminar.