Learn to Live Within Your Income

“Daddy, pakigawa naman ng minutes namin sa meeting. Gawa pa kasi ako ng narrative report mamaya.” (Daddy, would you kindly help me to make minutes for our previous meeting. I still need to finish the student narrative report). I said “Yes.”

My wife requested me one evening. I just finished making her a video about Father’s Day celebration for her class presentation the following day.

I saw her face. She was tired and exhausted while she is lying on the bed. She’s a homeroom teacher in Grade 1 and had finished doing her narrative report of every single student.

Eto pa and mas matindi. (But here is another thing).

She has to write a narrative report in every subject such as  Math, English, and Science. I’m glad my wife has a job. I appreciate her support by helping me out to pay with our monthly bills. However, there are times I wish she would  just stay at home so she could relax and take care of our kids. But we couldn’t afford to do so.

Number one, may binabayaran kaming housing unit every month na nabili namin sa Sta Rosa heights. (We are still paying  monthly amortization of a housing unit we bought at Sta Rosa Heights subdivision).

Number two, meron kaming Avanza car na hinuhulugan monthly. (We are still paying  our car every month).

Number three, kailangang magpadala si misis ng monthly allowance para sa tatay nyang maysakit. (My wife has to send financial assistance to buy medicine for his father who is sick). Well, there’s nothing wrong about it. She wants to help and I want her to help as well. We want to be a blessing to people around us after all.

Add to this expenses are the  housing rent here in Thailand, credit cards, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Now, tell me how she can stop working?

Mahirap di ba? (Its hard isn’t it?)

The ultimate solution depends on how you manage your wealth or resources. Part of managing your money wisely is to learn how to save and invest. This is why I started investing in a stock market and I am still learning how to improve our personal finance. Lastly, it is important to live within your income.

“If you don’t plan to have someone work for you, you will work for someone else. There is no in-between.” — Ehab Atalla

With wealth that God has entrusted us, we can be a blessing to many people around us.

May God bless you!


Richly blessed,