Make Things Happen

Have you seen a little booklet called Didache?

For years now, Didache is the most widely read daily Bible reflection guide in the Philippines.

This little dynamite devotional has been blessing hundreds of thousands of people. When I published its first issue (and wrote probably 50 percent of its reflections) way back in 1994, I never thought it would be the great success that it is now.

Through the years, at different times, people have told me, “You know Bo? Before you came up with Didache, I already thought of coming up with something like that. I envisioned having different people write their reflections on the daily Bible readings of each day…”

When we launched Sabbath, another daily Bible guide where priests write one homily a day, again, a lot of people said, “Gosh, Bo, I was thinking of creating something exactly like this. I already had a list of priests who’d write for me…”

My point? My ideas aren’t unique. A lot of people think of them.

But here’s the difference: I just don’t think of the ideas. I make the idea happen. And usually, I make it happen fast.

In other words, I have a bias for action.

I’ve used the same principle for all our other projects: our work for the poor, our radio and TV programs, our internet TV show, our cell phone ministry…

When I think about it, I make it happen.

A lot of people use this strategy for their projects:

Ready… Aim… Fire!

I have a slightly different strategy for my projects:

Ready… Fire! Aim… (And fire again… Aim…and fire again… Aim… and fire again…)

Hey, I’m not talking about recklessness. Remember, the first step is “Ready.”

But I use this strategy because I want to avoid the very common strategy of many people:

Ready… Aim… Aim… Aim… Aim… Aim…

They just aim. They never pull the trigger.

Why? Because they want to cross every “t” and dot every “i” before they start anything. But for pioneers, perfectionism is never a good strategy.

My plan is to fail and improve along the way.

I risk failure. And I risk success.

Make things happen.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” — Stephen King


Richly blessed,




This article is an excerpt from the book “Eight Secrets of the Truly Rich” by Bro. Bo Sanchez (Used with permission). To get a copy of the book and other books by Bro. Bo, you may check out