When Max and Nicole Were Gone


Gayle Loves Rabbit

There is an interesting thing about our six year old daughter, Gayle. She’s a pet lover and she loves rabbit. She likes to cuddle the rabbit more than Justin, our eight-year old son. We bought two rabbits and they named them Max and Nicole.

Few weeks later, one of our co-teacher gave them another rabbit. Gayle named the third rabbit JG (means Justin and Gayle).

Every morning Justin and Gayle feed them and give them water.  They played together and hugged them after-school. Sometimes she is letting Max and Nicole out of their cage so they could stretch out.  Then they would chase them afterwards.

One afternoon, Gayle noticed that Max is not moving. He is usually active and wanted to go out of the cage when he sees Gayle. Then she would let her eat grass or just hop around the house.

She tried to hold him and observed. He is too weak and couldn’t’ stand.

Finding A Vet

Max is sick.

I saw my daughter almost crying.

“Daddy, can you please take him to vet?” she said. I said yes.

So I started the car to go to downtown and find a pet clinic with my wife. It was about 7:00 PM. Gayle and Justin wanted to go but there is a school the following day so we decided to let them stay at home.

The problem is we don’t know the pet clinic. To make it even worst, we could hardly communicate with Thai people since due to their limited English.

“Mommy, let just go to a store where we buy food for Nicole and Max?” I told my wife. “I ‘m sure they will help us to find a clinic,” I said. Then she agreed.

Immediately when we get-off from the car I showed Nicole to the woman at the store. We asked them where to find a veterinarian. The woman was panicking when she saw a drops of vitamins at Nicole’s mouth which looked like blood.

Then they speak in Thai. I answered in English with few Thai words.

Apparently, they want to sketch the direction on how to get to the clinic. Unfortunately, I could not understand.

In the Clinic

I’ve seen the frustration on their face. Until the woman decided to go with us. This way she would easily show direction and lead us in to the clinic.

She was sitting at the back of the car quietly. My wife is sitting in front while I’m driving. It’s almost 7:30 in the evening. I doubt if the clinic still open.  She was guiding me where to turn right or left.

After 15 minutes she got-off the car and headed toward a small unit of the building. I saw a tarpaulin sign with Thai letters and pictures of animals. That must be the clinic! I told my wife.

But lo and behold! The clinic is already closed. We tried to knocked hoping that someone from inside would open the door.

Nobody open the door.  Someone told us the clinic was closed since 6:00 PM.

I checked Nicole at the back of the car. She is extremely weak.

Then I asked the Thai woman for other options. She told us there is one more clinic that possibly open even night-time. But it’s quite far, about 30 minutes drive, she said. Without hesitation, the three of us went to that clinic. After all, I saw Gayle face how sad she was.

After about 25-30 minutes we arrived in the clinic. Unfortunately the veterinarian told us that he is license to treat the dogs, not rabbit. He said it would be better to bring Nicole to Bangkok.

We told him that’s not possible because it’s almost 9:00 PM already. However, he said he will give him an injection and he will see if he is making progress for one night.

He gave us his calling card. Then we will just call him the following day.

The Rabbit is Dead

The following day I called the vet. He told me he’s dead.

Gayle was crying when she heard the bad news. After two days, we found that Max was also dead. Now only JG left.

What breaks my heart is not the dead rabbit but seeing Gayle how she reacted when she lost her pets. And Gayle is totally devastated!

She was crying. My wife saw her crying and she almost cry. What is missing is just a background song: “Wag ka nang umiyak, sa mundong pabago-bago. Pag-ibig ko ay totoo….Kung wala ka ng maintindihan, kung wala kang makapitan…kumapit ka sa akin di kita bibitawan.”

“Don’t worry. JG is still here,” I comforted her.

May God bless you!

Richly blessed,


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