The Skater and the Rink Guard

It is important to live a balance life.

When I say balance, it means spending quality time with family, friends, people in the community, and with God.

What does the Bible says about living a balance Christian life? Let’s see how Jesus spent his time while he was on Earth.

Luke 2:52 says, “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” But the sad truth is that many people nowadays are struggling how to live a balance life and oftentimes neglected what is necessary and important.

You will fall literally when you out of balance.

Let me share with you a simple illustration.

We brought Justin, our seven-year old son, at Sub-Zero, an ice skate rink located at the ninth floor mall of Ekkamai area in Bangkok as a birthday treat to him. He went with his little sister, Gayle. They have been at Sub-Zero a couple of times.

My wife bought tickets at the entrance gate and rented gloves, kneepads, and helmet for protection in case they would fall. As we entered the ice skate rink, I saw some kids performing different techniques.

Some skaters have natural strength, balance, and core strength that will take them through the lower levels of skating quickly even they are young.

I enjoyed watching Justin and Gayle doing ice skating with their friends. Afterward, I took my camera to capture some of their movements in the skate rink. The fallen ice skater has caught my attention. Interestingly, when a skater fell on the icy floor, the rink guard came in to help.

A rink guard assists skaters and maintains order during skating sessions. He would normally stand on the middle. He would help the skater to get up.

He would hold the hands and arms of the skater and asked if he’s OK.  No wonder some neophyte skaters used ice skating aid like penguin to hold on so that they could balance and will not slide or fall.

Gayle skated and fell many times. The rink guard sometimes reminded her to bend her knees before she slide on the rink so that she could properly balance.

When she fell on the floor she looked around to find out if someone saw her. I saw it and she smiled at me as if she was giving me assurance that she’s OK. The rink guard helped her to get up. This time she tried to stand on her own. She can managed after all.

Five lessons on ice skating:

Lesson 1:  Know your priorities to live a balance life.

Lesson 2: New skater is not afraid to fall. When he falls, it provides opportunity to get up.

Lesson 3: New skater requires humility and teachable spirit to master the skills of balancing.

Lesson 4: At first, we need help. The goal is to acquire skills and grow, so don’t stop learning.

Lesson 5: The presence of a rink guard gives comfort and reassurance to fallen skater.                                                                                       

So, Jesus is your rink guard. Do you have any more reasons to be afraid?


Richly blessed,


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