What They Say About the “OMG” Personal Finance Book for OFWs

What they say about the OMG personal finance book for OFWs

“This book is both an educational and heartwarming read. Through his own life story, Jun will tell you all about the financial struggles of an OFW; and how he was able to overcome them with the right mindset, proper financial education, and unwavering faith in God.” –   

Fitz Villafuerte, Blogger, Investor, Entrepreneur and Author

“This amazing book has everything you need to change your financial life.” –  

Bo Sanchez  Bestselling Author and Preacher

“Insightful and informative — a must read for every OFW who doesn’t want to be an OFW forever.” – 

Karl Kaufman Editor, GMA News Online Pinoy Abroad

“The first basic law of money is Pay yourself first. This is easier said than done because it is difficult to deprive oneself of immediate gratification, and so a lot of us end up with nothing even after long years of working. Our OFWs are in a special situation. Most, if not all, delay their gratification but they still end up leaving nothing for themselves. A combination of over-giving, pre-occupation with appearances (they’re working abroad so they must show abundance), unrealistic expectations from family, and other behavioral challenges all contribute to the dismal situation of our OFWs facing OMG! In this book, Jun Amparo generously shares his knowledge and experiences in the hope of helping his fellow OFWs become good stewards of money.” 

Rose Fres Fausto  FQ Mom, Writer, Speaker, Coach, Behavioural Economist

OMG Financial Literacy Seminar For OFW

“This book will surely guide and teach you the proper way of handling your finances, making wise decisions and achieve your goals in life. Having this book is a must for each and every OFW!” 

James Bryan Cruzat Assistant Manager, Toys R Us, Winnipeg, Canada

“Money makes the world go round, but many people don’t understand how it works, especially OFWs, and they pay the consequences. This book teaches, leads, and enlightens using practical tips on financial management.”

Sandro Dela Roca Former COO and Blogger, OFW from Israel

“Jun Amparo’s book is a wakeup call for all of us – OFWs. This book contains many practical tips on how we should manage our finances as OFWs.”

Redge Sausa Principal, Saint John Mary International School, Thailand

“I was amazed by the number of topics he wrote about “Money.” God has given him the talent and time to share. It was well-written, contained and included sound practical advice.”

Engr. Jovie Nonato Cost Consultant at Turner and Townsend, Qatar

“With the evolution of technology, we need to consider some other important things to buy aside from gadgets. We need to be wise enough on how we spend our hard-earned money because being an OFW is not permanent. This book is a great reminder, especially for OFWs.”

 Jose B. Sabosa Jr. Network Engineer, Mossad Services Pte. Ltd., Singapore

“OMG is a practical, highly readable guide of the financial struggles of an OFW and how educating ourselves in managing our finances and our faith in God can help us turn our dreams into reality.”

John Patrick Benliro The Pinoy Legacy, Online Filipino Magazine in Thailand



“This book is a notable achievement in the OFW community, reminding its readers of our modern-day heroes’ valuable contribution to our country at the same time recognizing the sacrifices they have to make for the sake of their loved ones. At a time when a significant number of OFWs come home with almost nothing to show for their hard work abroad, Jun’s book offers an inspiring set of guidelines on how OFWs can successfully manage their finances. The lessons in this book are made more relevant and heartfelt by the author’s narration of his own personal struggle—and eventual success—as a migrant worker.   All OFWs and their families should read this book.”

George Amurao Editor, KaleidoScope Magazine, Mahidol University International College, Thailand

“Phenomenal anthology of timeless financial management tips. A must-read guide to success and cautionary tale for failure. ‘OMG! OFW’s Money is Gone’ has it all!”

Dr. Mercy Salvacion  Broadcaster and Educator, Sengdara International Bilingual School, Laos

“Being an OFW myself, reading the book has been a moving and enlightening experience. This is a must-read book for all Filipino workers around the globe and for those who are still planning to join the OFW bandwagon.”

Lorenzo M. Caballes, Jr. Former President, The Filipino Council of Phitsanulok, Co-Founder of The Pinoy Legacy, Thailand

“Well-written, inspiring! Reading this book will change your life!”

Marlon Sipe Educator and Community Leader, Thailand

“This book is practically sums up everything every overseas Filipino workers need to know about saving money for the future. The issues and solutions presented by the author who is an OFW himself will surely provide relief to many of our modern day heroes who are still struggling financially after many years of working abroad.”

Jezreel Mallari Founder of Pinoy Thaiyo, Thailand

 “Insights drawn from this book will enlighten an OFW to become wiser and work smarter away from home.”

Nelly Palpallatoc President , OFW QuickServAnts United for DU30

“This is One of the best books that I highly recommend, particularly OFWs who are willing to achieve their financial stability.” 

Ireneo Capua Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Top Executive, Dubai

“We recognize our selfless OFWs as modern heroes because of their goal to give better future for their families. However, we must also give them opportunities to have better future on their own. Through reading of this book, our OFWs and their families will be more well equipped in terms of financial education.”

Roy Ventura  Philam Life Unit Manager, Founder of Ventura Investment Group

“Thank you Jun Amparo for sharing your knowledge on how to handle our finances. OMG is a must-read book for all Filipino workers around the globe!”

Digna Frago New York, New York

“I’ve been in Thailand for 15 years and I work closely with many Filipinos who are working as teachers and I have seen that most of them have a common struggle of managing their finances. I highly recommend this book to every OFW.”     

Tong Largado Full-time Missionary, Thailand

“Jun was able to deliver the message that every financially-struggling OFW has to hear. There’s no better life and money teacher for OFWs than a fellow OFW like Jun.”-

       Burn Gutierrez  Author and Blogger , Chairman of Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy                                                                 

“Very informative, and brilliantly written. Prof. Jun Amparo’s book is an entrepreneur’s handbook where he covered the twin action of savings and investment. To realize the greatest value of an OFW’s hard-earned money, he must save and engage in an entrepreneurial activity. Congratulations Jun!”

Dr. Robert F. Galindez President, St Roberts Group of Companies   

“JUN writes from his heart. This is an important element in this book.  Most personal finance books are for general audiences, this one is written for the millions of Overseas Filipino Heroes. I entreat you to journey with Jun in learning and unlearning traits and habits in regard to making your purpose as an OFW a fruitful one. This journey will also make you a responsible steward of God’s blessings for more to come.”

Dr. Alvin Ang Professor of Economics, Ateneo De Manila University

“This book is exceptional. It is everything every OFW needs to change their attitude and management toward their hard-earned money. It’s practical, doable and it teaches the principles to achieve financial success despite several odds. Definitely a must-have.”

Maricor Bunal  COO, Loansolutions.ph, Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2017


What they say about the OMG personal finance book for OFWsOMG Personal Finance Book for OFW


Richly blessed,

JUN AMPARO is the author of OMG! OFW’s Money is Gone: Practical Tips on How to Be Wise with Your Hard-earned Money which was featured at GMA News OnlineBeing an OFW for over a decade, he’s aware about the common financial challenges of many Overseas Filipino Workers.  

Jun is investing in mutual funds and stock market for over three- years and conducts financial literacy seminar.