The Pink Puppy

Gayle’s wishlist

“Mommy, can you please read my communication notebook?” Gayle spoke to her mom one afternoon. “Our teacher said you have to read it. Then post my wish-list at the post office so Santa Claus could read it,” she continued.

Gayle is our three-year-old daughter and currently in kindergarten three. She always reminded us to read the communication notebook so we will not miss important instructions from her teacher. If her teacher has a specific reminder for parents we would just read it.

So my wife opened it and saw a letter to Santa Claus. Below the letter is a drawing of a stuff toy: a picture of a pink puppy. Then she saw an instruction that says parent will pretend to post the letter to Santa Claus in the North Pole. Parents are then requested to buy a present based on the wish-list.

Gayle was so excited to post the letter. She thought she will receive present from Santa Claus.

To find a stuff toy is not a problem. But the pure pink puppy? I am not sure. So, hunting of pink stuff puppy began!

First, we went to a stuff toy section at Robinson, one of the shopping malls near our place. We saw stuff toys with different colors including teddy bears. After almost an hour of walking however, we found nothing. There is no pink stuff puppy!

Looking at the Mall and Market

“Let’s check the other store near the bus station,” I told my wife. She agreed. So we drove to the next shop. Unfortunately, it was already closed. That day we went back home feeling disappointed.

I just listened when wife sadly said, “I cannot imagine Gayle sitting in one corner of the classroom with all of her classmates receiving gifts they’ve wished for, except her.”

Then, I remembered my wife’s niece in Bangkok.

“Remember Kim (her niece) is in Bangkok now?  She will be back by tomorrow. Why don’t you send her message to drop by in a mall and buy a pink stuff puppy?” I suggested.

So she send her a message.

My wife had sent her niece the message but her niece said she has no time to look or to go to a mall because she will be tutoring for the whole day. “Don’t worry, we still have a few days  to find for that little pink puppy.”

The following day we decided to go to the night market: one of the famous shopping place for clothes, shoes, toys, and others in Thailand. Since we could hardly communicate in Thai, my wife saves a picture of a pink stuff puppy taken from Google image so that she could easily explain what we are looking for.

Why is it So Hard to Find You?

After almost an hour of hunting that little pink stuff puppy, we find nothing.  There are plenty of stuff puppies, but not even one is pink! Again, we went back home feeling frustrated and sad.

A few days later, my wife posted a picture of a pink puppy on her Facebook page. She was asking her Facebook friends for help. It says:

Saan ba kita mabibili?! (Where can I buy you?!) We’ve been to different places, shops, stores, markets… hahay! Please Gayle change your wishlist… di ko lam kung san ito hahanapin? (I don’t know where will find this?)

“I think they have a pink puppy at Big C mall,” one of her commented on Facebook.

“The are lot of stuff toys here in Bangkok,” one comment said.

“I told Gayle to change her wishlist because Santa would find a hard time to find the pink puppy,”  Gayle’s homeroom teacher commented.

“Buy a white one and then dye it pink,” another comment from a teacher.

What About On-line?

“Why don’t you try to order at Lazada or Ebay?”  one of her friend suggested.

Then my wife searched online. But it would take at least 7 days before they deliver the product. Gayle’s Christmas party is just two days from now!

I cannot just sit at home waiting for little pink puppy. With much pressure I told my wife one Sunday afternoon, “I will go to downtown.”

“Where are you going?” she asked. “I will find a pink puppy. And I will never come back until I find that little creature!” I assured her.

“ We will hunt together,” she said. And so I start the car.

I parked the car at the back of the shopping mall. There, we saw a small store with some display of stuff toys hanging.

“Let see and check there,” I said.

Then we go and searched the store like the NBI or policemen looking for drugs or other mark of evidence.

Mission Accomplished

Lo and behold, we find one! A pink puppy with a little white stripe on its belly.

“ Do you think Gayle will like it?” my wife asked me. “I think so. It is cute, soft, fluffy, and it has tiny, beautiful eyes,” I said. So we bought that pink puppy. My wife also decided to buy another white puppy.Then the  woman wrapped  our present. We went back home happily. Mission accomplished!

My wife gave the present to Gayle’s homeroom teacher a day before her Christmas party.

Gayle is so happy to receive her present. Her sparkling eyes are a clear sign of joy and happiness of having such wish-list being fulfilled.

She believed that Santa gave her a gift! Santa Clause had granted her wish. On the way home while driving I took the opportunity of sharing the real essence of Christmas with my two children.

Yes, Christmas is a time for a family reunion. It is associated with carols, Christmas tree, candy canes, gifts, and Santa Clause. But Christmas is more than that, it is an opportunity for us to reflect and remember how good our God is.

The Greatest Gift

Too good to give his Son, Jesus Christ for us.

We’ve never stopped until we find such beautiful pink puppy. Because, as parents, our greatest joy is to see our kids happy. And yet, God’s love is even incomparable! Luke 11:11-13 states:

“Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead? Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

It was just a small pink stuff puppy to our daughter. Its value? In my child’s eyes, it was a great one.

But the value of it is nothing compared to  the life and sacrifice of our God and his son Jesus. His body who got bruised, wounded, and died on the cross is the best gift ever.

That is the best gift I have ever known.

May God bless you!


Richly blessed,