The Story Behind Shekinah Gayle

My name is Shekinah Gayle. Shekinah is from the Hebrew word which means “God’s manifested glory” or “God’s presence”. This word does not appear in the Bible, but it was used later by Jewish scholars to refer to the dwelling place of God, especially the temple in Jerusalem.

Gayle is an English name which means “gives joy” or “my father rejoices. “ The name derived from a diminutive of the Hebrew Abigail recorded 1 Samuel 25 which describes her as one of the most faithful and honorable women in the Bible. Gayle has its origin in the Hebrew but it is used largely in English. The name has also a spelling variant of the English Gail.

The Time and Date

The time is 10:14 A.M. when I came out from my Mom’s womb. It was Friday, September 4, 2009 and it was indeed a very memorable date for me and my mom. Why? She gave birth during her birthday. My dad gave a bunch of red roses to my mom while celebrating her birthday in the delivery room.  Mom and I will be celebrating our birthday on the same date, September 4.

The Place

I was born healthy and weighing 2,970 grams at a busy place of the delivery room in Saraburi General Hospital. Mom had both Cesarean and ligation operation. Ligated? Yeah, your heard it right. I will be the  second child and will be the last as she will no longer have a baby. Mom is ligated at a very young age.

The Story

Here is my story. At first mom asked dad to buy a pregnancy test. Then she had the pregnancy test three times and it came out positive. On January 30, 2009 they decided to visit  Mitrapap Hospital to find out if she’s really pregnant. The result was also positive.

I didn’t expect it creates anxieties and worries to my parents. But then they thought it’s not the right time for them to have me. Why were they not always ready to have a baby? When Kuya Justin was born, they said they were not ready yet. And now I’m coming out soon and they said they were not also ready? When are they going to be ready? When they have four or five kids already? I don’t understand.

Later, I find out some reasons as they were talking late at night. First, they were still adjusting to their new workplace and environment. They recently moved from Saint Anthony School, Chachoengsao province where Kuya Justin was born. Well, both of them are apparently adjusting with their new work assignment at Saint John Mary International School, Saraburi province.

If moving to another school means having another baby, I must say to Dad, “Dad, this is going to be your last school!” 🙂 Secondly, they want to break their daily routines of waking up at night to feed the baby, cuddling him late at night, changing diapers, cleaning the feeding bottles and seeing the doctor for monthly check ups. Again, the bottom line is they we’re not yet ready to have another baby.

Being Thankful

However, as days went by mom and dad realized that some couples wish to have a baby but they couldn’t have, they begin to be thankful. Then worries and anxieties were replaced by joy and excitement. My mom filed her maternity leave on last the week of August in the White House office and stopped working right away.

While at home, her co-teachers and friends were busy planning to have a baby shower for her and Tita Precious who was also pregnant at that time. Then my Dad informed her afterwards. It was held at Conference room Saint John Mary International School. They enjoyed the program, meal, and gifts from their friends. They asked the meaning of my name and my mom explained it.

I remember when my mom had an ultrasound, my dad was so happy when the doctor said that I am an 80 percent baby girl. After a while, they thought about the other 20 percent! What about if the doctor is wrong? What if I’m a boy? So they will have two boys now! Then the doctor further explained and handed them the result of the ultrasound.

He also zoomed the instrument and allowed my mom and dad to see it on the screen. They saw the three white lines in my genital parts as a clear sign of a baby girl. Oh, what a relief! It was September 4, 2009 when my dad drove the car to hospital early in the morning. I remember that there was another pregnant woman sitting at the back of our car aside from my Mom. It’s her friend- Tita Joana.

Praises and Challenges

I am almost 1 year old now and seem to grow every time they turn around. Seeing a cute little baby girl, healthy, and normal are enough reasons for them to praise God. I am indeed a constant companion and a great joy to my mom and dad because of my peaceful and quiet personality. In fact I don’t cry a lot especially at night. My mom always told her friends that she’s proud of me because I never disturbed them so much.

One of the challenges for my parent is to keep me walking in the path of righteousness. There is so much for them  to be happy and proud of. But one of the most wonderful things is to see me growing under the guidance of God.

The Effect of a Quiet, Gentle Manner-“Few realize the effect of a mild, firm manner, even in the care of an infant. The fretful, impatient mother or nurse creates peevishness in the child in her arms, whereas gentle manner tends to quiet the nerves of the little one.” Ellen G. White, Child Guidance page 33.

May God bless you!

Richly blessed,


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