What Filipino Breadwinners Have in Common?

What Filipino Breadwinners Have in Common

Filipinos never turn their back on family.

Whatever the circumstances, Filipinos will find a way to help and comfort, making sure that needs are attended to. Having breadwinners in the family is rather common in a traditional Filipino family set-up, some even leave the country to take on the role for the people you love.

Being a responsible breadwinner isn’t easy. Knowing that you are responsible for bringing food on the table, supporting educational needs, and providing for a better future is something no one can ever take lightly. The responsibility is also not for everyone, certainly not for the faint of heart.

Are you one of them? Do you have one in your family? Get to know them better by looking at their shared attributes that make them special and truly worthy of all our emulation.

Courage cannot be questioned

First of all, if you are a breadwinner, you have the brand of courage that could win a war. You go out there every day swinging, oftentimes with no certainty, but you survive anyway. This does not mean that breadwinners never get scared. In fact, they do, all the time.

They are scared they will run short, they are scared they won’t have enough, they are scared of being unappreciated, they are scared they won’t have the time, and they are scared of all the uncertainties. They could break down or just keep it to themselves, but either way, they will come out again tomorrow, winning one battle at a time.

Wise with money

If you are a breadwinner, there’s not much besides money on your mind. Your primary responsibility is to provide, after all. If there’s an establishment offering discounts, breadwinners would be the first to know. They don’t mind working extra hours to earn more. The word “raket” is music to their ears. They know the due date of every single billing statement.

Breadwinners working abroad or away from their family make noble sacrifices. They sent most of their earnings back home and still try to save so they’ll have something when they go home.

Masters of frugality

If there indeed is a course on mastering frugal ways, breadwinners would come out on top of every class. Being frugal and thrifty is among the shared attributes of responsible breadwinners who know the value of every peso better than anyone else.

We would often hear breadwinners say: “Finish your food. Don’t waste food;” “No need for a new pair of shoes;” “Your phone still works; we can’t buy a new one;” or “This one has free shampoo, let’s buy this one.” The thing about Filipino breadwinners is that they’d rather cut their own expenses to give way to the needs of their family. It is always needs of the family over theirs.

Work-life balance: Struggle is real

The one thing that breadwinners understand is that striking a work-life balance is a real struggle. When there’s too much on your plate, you find it hard to think of anything else other than work and provide for everyone. Some breadwinners might even feel some guilt by taking a break, however deserved.

But breadwinners also understand that their families need them to be in tip-top shape and they need them sane. They try hard to have fun, however fleeting. They know they have to wake up early in the morning to work and be the responsible breadwinner that the family hopes them to be.

Filipino breadwinners are a rare breed. They provide more than just the finances; they also keep the family together. They keep the hope of the family alive: the hope for a better future and the hope that things will be better soon.


Contributor: Patricia Evans is a part time interior designer and a full-time mother. She has worked in Marketing before but she quit her job to pursue her true passion: fashion and interior design. Read more of her articles at Huffington Post UK Blog


JUN AMPARO is the author of OMG! OFW’s Money is Gone: Practical Tips on How to Be Wise with Your Hard-earned Money which was featured at GMA News OnlineBeing an OFW for over a decade, he’s aware about the common financial challenges of many Overseas Filipino Workers.  

Jun is investing in mutual funds and stock market for over three- years and conducts financial literacy seminar.