Why You Need to Have a Life Insurance

Sheena’s story

I met Sheena (pseudonym) the last time I went back to the Philippines for Christmas vacation. I guess she is about 50’s. She was sitting at the back; not at the pew where church members were sitting but in a separate wheelchair.

Me and my family were sitting right in front of her. We came to church one Saturday morning.

I immediately recognized her as my former teacher in elementary school. I want to approach her and say hi,  but I don’t want to disturb  the ongoing Sabbath School lesson. I told myself I will speak to her later.

Her face looks sad and depressed. I found out from one church member that she had a stroke. No wonder she was sitting in the wheelchair. Worst, she fell down the stairs and was injured. Can you imagine a stroke patient with bandage on her arms? You could tell from a distance that she was  in pain. However, her condition did not stop her from attending the church. Inspiring, right?

Meeting with  my former teacher

I knew her well as a responsible teacher. She was my mentor during some school competition in the school district. For instance, she trained and helped me in the poster making or essay writing contest. I was probably in grade four or five that time.

When the sermon was over I immediately approached her.

I introduced myself and tell her that I am one of her students. She started to cry. She couldn’t walk and got paralyzed after the stroke. She still lucky that her speech was not affected.

She requested me then to pray over for her. I said yes. Now I know why she went to church despite her condition–she wanted a prayer over! So I prayed for her while she was sitting in a wheelchair.

I reflected this incident. What if this will happen to me? How would I be able to respond to this situation? It could happen to anyone, right?

Being prepared

Heart disease. Diabetes. Hypertension. Ulcers. Arthritis. Many people suffered from different kinds of diseases. For instance, cancer is common nowadays. Some people are suffering from strokes and other debilitating diseases even at a younger age.  Families have spent huge amount of money for medication and hospitalization.

Do you love your wife? Do you love your husband? Do you love your children? I’m sure you do! What if something happens to you today or next month like God has called you in heavenly kingdom?

I am so thankful because when my father died he make it sure we will be receiving pension through SSS. He diagnosed with cystitis- one of the kidney problems. “Kawawa naman ang limang mga batang ito. Kaliliitan ng mamatay ang kanilang tatay,” they usually said. I was still in Grade four then.

Why insurance is necessary for breadwinner  

To prepare for unexpected, get life insurance with investments. There are two kinds of insurance: term insurance and variable unit link (VUL). You will not get anything from term insurance unless something bad happens to you. The latter is the ideal one because it is a combination of insurance and investment. If you die early, your loved ones will receive financial assistance. If you live longer, you will be receiving fund for your retirement. Win-win di ba?

I am not promoting a company, but this is what I get through Philamlife Insurance.

Did you know…

  • that 10 Filipinos die every hour from illnesses caused by smoking?
  • that an average of 9 Filipinos are diagnosed with cancer every hour?
  • that 1 in 4 of today’s 30-50 year-olds may get disabled before they retire?
  •  that 42% of bereaved families described their financial situation as worse   than before the death of their loved one? This is true even after 5 years. *

Seek God and take care of your health

Our car is insured and protected because we are paying for a Class A protection in an insurance company. Last July, we had a minor car accident so I brought the car in the shop to repair minor damage. Thank God no one was hurt. It’s good that we have an insurance to cover the repair or else it would create so much stress to us financially.

Isn’t life is more valuable than your car? If my car is insured then I would be better insured. Nobody knows the future. Only God.  And of course, nobody wants to sit in a wheelchair. We all want to be healthy and have a long life. That is why we eat healthy foods, get exercise, and have positive outlook in life. Above all, seek God’s protection every day through prayer.

May God bless you!


Richly blessed,


JUN AMPARO is the author of OMG! OFW’s Money is Gone: Practical Tips on How to Be Wise with Your Hard-earned Money which was featured at GMA News OnlineBeing an OFW for over a decade, he’s aware about the common financial challenges of many Overseas Filipino Workers.  

Jun is investing in mutual funds and stock market for over three- years and conducts financial literacy seminar.