Write Down Your Dreams

write down your dreams

I remember that day as though it were yesterday.

One night in 1997, I came home from a prayer meeting all revved up. I had a powerful thought in my mind: God has given us the power to decide what kind of life we want.

At 11 p.m., I couldn’t sleep. If God really gave me the power to define my life, then I wanted to do it. I’ve already wasted so many years letting things happen to me.

So on that fateful night, I sat down in front of my computer and with my heart pounding in my chest, I wrote down my dreams. I couldn’t stop. My fingers dribbled on my keyboard furiously, I was waiting for it to smoke.

I didn’t stop until it was 3 a.m. and finished writing 15 pages of my dreams for the future.

I wrote down everything I wanted to do with my life.

I wrote down how much money I’d earn each year for the next 30 years. I wrote down outrageous amounts. I wrote down every possible income stream that I’d use to earn that money. And I also wrote down how much money I’d give away.

For my family life, I wrote, “I’ll be the greatest husband my wife can ever have,” and “I’ll be the greatest father my children can ever have.”

It was so detailed, I wrote down stuff like, “I’ll kiss my wife seven times a day” and “I’ll bring her out on a romantic date at least once a week,” and “I’ll play with my children every day.” I described myself at 82 years old—during my golden wedding anniversary—surrounded by my children and grandchildren.

The vision took my breath away.


I wrote down goals for my physical health and intellectual growth, like, “I will exercise daily” and “I will read three books a week…”

I also wrote down my ministry goals. That I will author bestselling books, that I will broadcast God’s love through a TV show and a radio program, even if I had no idea how I could pay for the astronomical production costs.

Writing my dreams was fantastic. It made me see in vivid color what I wanted to do with my life. It opened my mind to what was possible. What has happened these past 10 years?

So far, I have written eight bestselling books. I now have a weekly TV show, a daily radio program and a daily reality show on the Internet that is seen all over the world.
Each year, I have reached my outrageous financial goals.

And I wish to report to you that I do kiss my wife seven times a day. (Yes, even when I don’t feel like kissing her.) I do bring her out on a romantic date once a week.

I remember one date. In the middle of our dessert, she reached for my hand, clasped it, looked me in the eye and said, “Bo, you are a great husband.” My heart fluttered inside me like it had wings. And I wanted to tell her, “That’s in page 3, paragraph 4.” Yes, I knew my Life Dreams document by heart.

Why do I believe in the power of writing down our dreams?

I stumbled upon this study made in Harvard. In 1957, they asked Harvard graduates whether they write their dreams. Only three percent of the entire batch answered yes. Twenty years later, in 1977, they went back to these same graduates, and what they learned astounded them.

The most successful among the entire batch were the same three percent who wrote down their goals 20 years ago! Writing our dreams has a powerful effect on our brain.

It causes our minds to open up to opportunities that will help us reach our goals—opportunities that we wouldn’t have seen if we didn’t create a graphic vision of our future.

Write down your dreams.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” –Proverbs 16:3, NIV


Richly blessed,


PS. 1 This article is an excerpt from the book “Eight Secrets of the Truly Rich” by Bro. Bo Sanchez published in 2008 (Used with permission). To get a copy of the book and other books by Bro. Bo, you may check out http://www.kerygmabooks.com/.

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